Friday, June 25, 2010

The Maids Environment

One of the many wonderful things about The Maids is our desire to take care in our environment. You will see this in the products that we use in your home. Our teams do not use bleach or ammonia to clean; so they are not leaving harsh chemical smells, or using products that may damage the surfaces in your home. All of our products are water-based and botanically derived so that they are safe for use in your home and to our environment. Because we don't have to rinse our products away; we are helping to control water consumption within the community. When we are finished with our mop water, we are required to pour that water down the toilet in the bathroom closest to the front door. This ensures that we are not pouring chemicals on plant life and that nothing is going into the soil where it may seep into ground water.

Comments of the week:

"Every time my team cleans my home they do a fantastic job. It is nice to come home from work and walk in and see what they have done. It makes me smile every time. I also appreciate the fact that they are careful with my pets. I feel comfortable leaving my home in their hands."

"The Blue Team is very quick and thorough in getting their tasks completed, which means my day is interrupted for only a short time. Thank you Blue Team!"

"In addition to prompt, thorough service the Maids are very nice to our dog, who likes to greet them when they come."

"I trust The Maids to do a thorough job while I can relax, assured of their honesty and hard work. Any problems we have ever had were brought immediately to our attention and resolved to our satisfaction. That's why we have been customers for 8 years, and plan to continue to use your services."

"The Orange Team is very fast and yet do a wonderful job. They're very careful to make sure that everything is done the way I like and are always pleasant to deal with."

Thank you to all of our teams for their continued hard work and dedication. "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. "Martin Luther King, Jr.

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