Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcom to the New Year

I realize that it has been a bit since I posted to our blog. Luckily, the end of the year turned out to be a little on the busy side for us.

We hope that everyone is having a successful start to 2011.

We would like to start out 2011 by placing greater emphasis on the fact the The Maids is now and has always been a green house cleaning company, using green cleaning products. We would also like to tell you that we have expanded to include Sahuarita house cleaning and Green Valley house cleaning with our service area.

We have made some changes to make sure that our name is consistent in the community. If you listen to 790 KNST, you will hear Garrett Lewis giving testimonials about his experience with our service. We have also joined Yelp, which is a review site. Consumers can visit this site and post reviews about their experiences, share experiences with other posters, and communicate with the business. We are really looking forward to this proceeding well.

We would like to invite anyone with questions, to please contact us. Our website provides good information, but there is something to be said for speaking with a live person.